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Jonathon Richey
Personal Quote: Yeah, I need fans. T-T
A team is simply what kind of Creeture your into. This helps provide an idea on what concept you feel best suits your style. Just choose your favorite Creeture and that will help choose what team you'll be partaking in.
Creetures can be found here [link]

After choosing your team be sure to watch the club so you are continuously updated on what is to come. After watching the club, you'll get a watch back to show that your membership is completed.


<Member profiles are still dormant. This feature allows members to view a form of progress in the club.>


Vice President of the Creeture club has access to journal writing. If he/she would like to put something down, he/she may.

The Creeture Dictionary is providing all information for the story. Take a gander.

The Creeture Fan Club would like to honor donators and such. We are asking people to see if they would like to submit there works to the Creeture Fan Club. So far we have six people. And we are very happy they are helping us.
:iconvinree: donated Noe Hound
:iconlobo-gris: donated Armus
:iconwaychyuan: donated Spynecro
:iconrienquish: donated Uknown for Now 2
:iconeinen: donated Jugmug
:iconthegrandbuddha: donated Queen of Silk


Creeture Comic) The original comic series to support the Creeture series is dormant at the time. Due to the work of the OCCO, page 3 of the comic series won't be further updated.

Caudis Fan Stamp is now published. Collect one for fans of the characters.…

Voice Acting and Altering for Melphedai is now published. See what this monster sounds like!…

Right below are a projects a member can involve themselves in to support the club.

Vote for Creeture) What is the best Creeture you say? Put your opinion now. In order tp vpte, you choose your first favorite, yuor second, and yuor third. First equals three points, second equals two, and third equals one. All requirements are your first name and last initial.

Fan Art Display) If any fan work is made by a member, it can be posted up here on the Club for others to view.

Right below are projects that are used to help construct new material for the story or Creetures. Some could be dormant for the time, others could be active.

:bulletred:Creeture Languages (Niid): As it exists, the Creeture story surrounds a completely different universe and a completely different world. The cultures, the languages, the geography, everything is different. A language that is being invented right now is the Niid language. When the rules and properties are cemented, a document on how to speak the language will be posted on the dictionary.


:bulletred:ANCIENT DEAD Team: Those below are members of the Ancient Dead, the relatives to the Living Dead. They are amongst the desert dwelling breathless Creetures who's beliefs lead them to be a different species, preserving their flesh of bone into the wrappings of cloths and to be submitted to their gods.
:bulletred:CLUSTER Team: Those below are members of the Cluster, the civilized vespids. They are governed by a hive mind in constructing their domains of nests, nurseries, hives, and colonies. Their technology and understanding makes them a very organized and formidable species.
:iconxtermination:Hive Protector
:bulletred:BEAST Team: Those below are members of the Beasts, the individual critters of the Creeture race. They are not under any group or race, being the neutral side. They are simply the animals that make up the Creetures.
:iconvixie-bee:Green Fox
:bulletred:STITCH Team: Those below are members of the Stitch, the hollow vessels who served under the Living Dead. Crafted from wood to metal and sculpted like puppets, the Stitch were crafted to under mind seriousness, being nothing but silly and crafty.
:bulletred:VOLCANIC BEING TEAM: Those below are members of the Volcanic Beings, the judicial governed humanoids. Lovers of war and yet followers of peace, Volcanic Beings prosper as an industrial and metal-based race that uses the various forms of fire as their weapons.

:iconmilimime: as a Melter

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